Discover The Beauty of Ajanta Caves In Mumbai

Discover The Beauty of Ajanta Caves In Mumbai

Ajanta caves in Maharashtra is India’s best artistic endeavour which has many other attractive destinations nearby. The rock cut sculptures and caves of Ajanta in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, has been one of the superlative art endeavours of India that celebrates art beauty and Indian culture, the paintings and sculptures at these caves are dedicated to Buddhism having rock cut sculptures and paintings of Buddha with depiction of Jataka tales, these caves date back to as early as 2nd century BC and have been declared as world heritage site by UNESCO.

Ajanta caves is about 400 km away from Mumbai and you could reach there by catching a train from Jalgaon railway station, there is also an airport at Aurangabad which would reach you there directly.

Places to visit near Ajanta caves

The entry fees at Ajanta caves is a mere 250 rupees, there are about 30 caves to explore about, however if you may want to explore other tourist destinations near the Ajanta caves then you must try the Ellora caves which is at a distance of 2 hours from Ajanta if you hire a cab. Ellora caves has rock cut sculptures and caves dedicated not only to Buddhism but a blend of Hinduism and Jainism too, the caves are as ancient as 6th century AD with 34 caves in total.

Ellora caves are the best architectural endeavour of India, it is known worldwide for its architectural mastery extra ordinariness and excellence. A trip here is a must if you happen to be at the Ajanta caves, one of the artistically and architecturally marvellous places to visit near Ajanta caves.

After a taxing trip at the Ajanta you may seek retreat and relaxation, for this purpose you may stay a night or two at the Fardapur resort, the hospitality is great and the resorts offers much needed peace and solace. It is indeed one of the best and relaxing places to visit near Ajanta caves.

Other than that you might plan an excursion to the city of Aurangabad, it was a crucial seat of power for the Mughals during their colonial reign and it is indeed famous for its historical monuments.

The adventurous tourists must try the Ghatotkach caves which is still very low profile and publicised, it is about 15 km from the Ajanta caves, the Ajanta highway is the only way to reach to this lesser visited caves, it is indeed one of the adventurous places to visit near Ajanta caves. You could also visit the Daulatabad fort which is about 1.5 km from the caves but do remember that you will have to walk on foot throughout and it takes about 3 hours to explore the entire fort.

If you are lurking for shopping then you may try the Prozone Mall which is about 2.5 km away from the caves or if you are quite early to catch your train or flight back home then you may stop by here and spend few hours sipping away at the coffee in the cafes here. There is also a salon here so you may also indulge in the luxurious treats to self.

A trip to this historical cum cultural site at Aurangabad proves to be a fulfilling and wholesome one with decent places to stop by at night, good restaurants to eat and amazing destinations and spots to visit.