Indian Scotland – A Quick Guide to Coorg Tourism

Indian Scotland - A Quick Guide to Coorg Tourism


One of the best holiday destinations located in south western India is undoubtedly Coorg and it has become a holiday destination par excellence. Here you should note that Coorg tourism is simply all about getting the chance to spend a few days in the midst of nature, unblemished by man and nourished by Mother Nature. No wonder Coorg has earned the nick names of being the Scotland of Indian and other adjectives that aptly describe its beauty. There is a large influx of tourist from different parts of the world and Coorg holiday tour packages are very popular with most tourist that come here.

Coorg is nestled in nature

This resort town of Coorg is a region that is nestled amidst dense forest on the hillsides and provides a grand view of nature and the true feel of tranquillity to nature lovers. This hill station attracts tourist who like to spend a quiet holiday soaking in the greenery and walking among the trees on the hill slopes. There is a remarkable sum of natural flora & fauna as well as wild life biodiversity here that also proves a great draw for tourists.

Actually, the resort town is nestled amidst the coffee & tea plantations as well as orange orchards and provides a breathtaking backdrop like none other in this part of India. Almost whatever you wish for, whether it is an adventure tour, a nature trail or plain relaxing holidays your Coorg holiday tour packages can make that dream come true. There are a number of excellent hotels and resorts here and they cater to all types of travellers. Whether you’re looking for a luxury holiday or looking to have one on a budget, Coorg tourism has everything ready, just for you.

A good holiday tour package lets you see the many sights

There are many wonderful sightseeing places to visit here and your Coorg holiday tour packages should be the perfect way to ensure you don’t miss anything. There are many categories for you to enjoy your holiday, take exactly what suits your pocket and gives you most pleasure. Mesmerising Coorg is always ready to welcome its tourist and the warm of lovable, simple hearted people of this area is one of the gripping reasons, why tourists simply love to holiday here in the natural surroundings.

If you’ve decided to make Coorg your next holiday destination, be sure you book your journey tickets and accommodations in advance. Just log onto the various sites on the Internet and you should come up with excellent travel plans to suit a wide range of budgets. Read up on the various offerings and take up the Coorg holiday tour packages that you think meets your need and hit the road. Reaching Coorg is very easy, the closest airport is Bangalore and it is also very well connected by road and rail, take whatever appeals to you.

All Coorg packages are designed to meet the needs of a wider tourist audience and everyone is bound to bring you joy like few other things. All you need to do is indicate your interest area and the rest will be taken care of by your tour operator with effortless ease. If you’re looking for the perfect getaway, there’s no better place than Coorg, so hurry!