Delhi – City With Largest Land Area and Highest per Capita Income

Delhi - City With Largest Land Area and Highest per Capita Income

One of the metropolitan cities of India also known as National capital is none other than Delhi. According to the census in the year 2011, the capital city has a population of 22 million people. The city is now known as second populous city in the world. Even according to the area of the city, Delhi is the largest city in the nation. Delhi has soon acquired the status of being the National capital region. The nearby towns of the city are Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Baghpat and Sonepat.

India’s vast metropole of Delhi is great for tourists and travel party fun


Delhi is a place with rich cultural heritage where many ancient empires used to reside. Mughal Empires, Tomar Dynasty, Mauryan Empires, khilji dynasty are associated with the history of Delhi. The capital city of India is the land of Indraprastha as mentioned in the Epic Mahabharata. The city also has very rich cultural background associated with variety of ancient monuments. Republic day parade is very famous in Delhi where Indian forces starting from police, army, navy etc is displayed in front of public. This is the particular day when we come to know about the actual strength of India with its war force, arms and amenities.

Climate in Delhi

Delhi has humid sub tropical climate with a typical variation. During summer, the city is very hot with the temperature above 36 °C. Summer starts from the month of April and lasts till July. 22nd of July is regarded as the hottest day of the year. Winter season revolved between Decembers to February. The temperature gets below 23 °C.

Economy of the city

Being the national Capital of the nation, Delhi has largest commercial centre in Northern part of India. Per Capita income of the city is highest in the nation. The gross SDP in Delhi is contributed by tertiary section to 70.95 %. The Capital city also organizes various employment exchange programs.

Famous market in Delhi

Sardar Bazaar market is known as the biggest wholesale market in Delhi situated in west of khari Baoli. Chandni chowk is another important shopping destination for people shopping in the capital city. Kamla Nahar market can be regarded as another important shopping destination not only for the residents but for the tourists visiting the city. This market has quick access to students studying in Delhi University due to its close proximity. You can get all types of garments, jewelries electronics over here. Karol bagh market has traditional shops to fulfill the needs of many people.

Tourist attractions in Delhi

Various tourist attractions in Delhi make it a wonderful place to visit. People from different parts of India and even abroad visits the city to view its beautiful monuments and historical places. India Gate is a tourist spot laid in the honor of Indian soldiers. Sansad Bhavan is another tourist spot known as Parliament of India. You can also visit Rastrapati Bhavan where President Operates.

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