Mumbai Tourism – Exploring the Taj Mahal Palace

Mumbai Tourism - Exploring the Taj Mahal Palace

If you are a luxury traveler and have stayed in the luxury hotels around the world, you would want to check in at the Taj Mahal Palace. The Taj Mahal Palace situated in the Apollo Blunder area, near the Gateway of India is a historical landmark. If you log into a popular Mumbai tourism guide website you would be surprised that this majestic hotel was built twenty one years before the Gateway of India.

How many rooms and suites are present in this majestic hotel?

If you log into a website which lists the many luxurious hotels in Mumbai, you would be amazed at the different varieties of rooms and suites provided by this majestic hotel. The Taj Mahal Palace has in total 560 luxury hotel rooms and 44 suites for its luxury travelers. The rooms and suites can be divided into six basic categories which are:

  • The Tower Rooms
  • The Palace Rooms
  • The Club Rooms
  • The Palace Suites
  • The Signature Suites of Taj Mahal
  • The Extraordinary Presidential Suite

We have discussed each of these rooms and suites in detail and you would find this information very beneficial, if you are planning to visit the Taj Mahal Palace for your stay in Mumbai.

The Tower Rooms of Taj Mahal Palace

Among the various hotels in Mumbai, the accommodation at this luxurious hotel is truly impeccable. The rooms possess elements of Indian and European architecture in them. You as a guest would receive tremendous view of the Arabian Sea and the Gateway of India when you stay in one of the 270 rooms which are divided into deluxe and superior rooms. The amenities provided in these tower rooms would be one of the best among luxurious hotels in Mumbai. A few of them would be mini bar, Wi Fi connectivity and superior entertainment features.

The Palace Rooms of Taj Mahal

These rooms are situated in the area commonly known as the palace wing of the Taj Mahal Place. As a guest in these rooms you would enjoy your own personal butler. You can also select from various rooms and suites that are offered in these palace rooms. If you love watching movies after a hard day’s work, the SONY Bravia system in your palace room would be waiting for you with your favorite movie collection.

The Club Rooms of Taj Mahal

If you want to enjoy the view of Mumbai and the sea together, then these club rooms are the ones that you should stay in. When visiting a popular Mumbai tourism guide website you would come to know that these rooms are located in the top floors of the Taj Mahal Palace and the rooms are specious unlike other luxury hotels in Mumbai. While staying in these rooms you would be spoiled with luxury amenities which would also include your personalized butler service.

There are also personalized suites in the Taj Mahal Palace and some of them have defined themes like Ravi Shankar personal suites and suites based on Rajasthan. Above all there is the Presidential suite which is used by head of states and dignitaries and is in a class of its own. The luxury of this hotel is beyond the reach of the ordinary man but you can enjoy its virtual tour and one day you might stay in it also.