Goa – The Fun Place For Tourism That Is The Perfect In Any Season

Goa - The Fun Place For Tourism That Is The Perfect In Any Season

One of the finest places on the West Coast of India is Goa and is a huge attraction for tourists from all parts of the globe. It is hard to pinpoint the reason why it is so popular with tourists, but we can derive a fair idea.

Goa, the Land of Culture and Fun

Although size wise, it is one of the smaller states in India, but what makes tourism in Goa a top draw is the culture, the fun loving people and the sun drenched beaches. It is a cocktail that provides a perfect heady mix and draws in tourists by the hordes. Tourism in Goa makes it a top earning state for the government of India and just a fabulous place to spend a marvelous holiday.

The Land of Exotic Beaches

Although it is very difficult to discuss a comprehensive list of tourist places in Goa, we can take those that more or less give a fair idea of what Goa is all about from the tourists’ point of view. Goa houses magnificent beaches and people seem to fall in love with the sun clad beaches providing the idyllic backdrop to a holiday. Beaches are a prime attraction of Goa, no doubt, and there are quite a few numbers of exotic beaches. The well known beach locations here are Vagator, Aqauda, Palolem, Baga and Ozran. These beaches are known for their many sporting activities that are much in demand. What is popular here are diving, para sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving etc.

Amazing Night Life

Besides the tourist places in Goa, there is the remarkable night life that exerts great influence for the teeming foreign tourists here. A tourist destination that has international appeal naturally will have Pubs, Casinos, Clubs and the works. That is exactly what beckons people here, the happening night parties in the many night clubs and clubs never seems to go down with the rising sun. It is said that the Silent Noise Part is a famous event at the Palolem beach held every Saturday. How could one resist such lively events anywhere in the world?

Great Goan Cuisine

There is also the force of great Goan cuisine to be reckoned with. It is not just the power of tourist places in Goa that draws people here, but it is the mouth watering delicacies that local cuisine provides. There is a heady mix of sea foods that is available aplenty on the many beaches here and is a craze amongst all tourists. One of the amazing dishes called Goan Pork Vindaloo is a favourite name even in America, Europe and other places. There are also a huge number of foreigners who have loved Goa during their holidays here, and have come back to settle down here and open their own food shop. This provides tourists from overseas to find something to suit their taste.

Besides just tourist places in Goa, there is so much to do and not just see that makes it all the more inviting. This is a great destination for those that want to indulge in river cruises. Goa has been favoured by nature with beautiful rivers and a lot of sporting activity has grown along these rivers. Simply put, Goa is a tourist magnet.