Hill Stations In Karnataka

Hill Stations In Karnataka

Spending some time in the warmth of South India is something what tourists always look forward to. However, it will be a pleasant surprise in case you experience chilly conditions for sure. There are certain locations such as the hill stations in Karnataka that will leave you in utter amazement for sure. Venturing into such locations with your friends and family will be exceptional.


Would like to experience Scottish delights in the traditional Indian backdrop for sure? Then, you should visit Coorg during summers to realize all the features for yourself. Unbelievable aura is something what you get to experience in the region with natural effects felt to a maximum extent. Choosing one of the best tourist packages will provide you more benefits accordingly.


Literally, the name means face of the horse because of the mountain in Karnataka appearing the same way. Come tropical conditions each year, more people are seen visiting this famed location close to Chikmagalur. Experiencing rich biodiversity in the region in a natural fashion will help you in exploring numerous features providing you with the best results always for sure.

Nandi Hills

Would you like to something different at one of the rarely explored hill stations in South India. Perhaps, these picturesque hills in Karnataka will take you to a totally different world for sure. Scintillating views of the forts nearby will ensure that you experience best results providing you with the best results in an ideal manner that you expect the most.


Spending time in one of the spectacular hill stations of Karnataka in the form of Yana will let you experience some of the magnetic effects for sure. Western Ghats have been responsible in the formation of this region because of which numerous visitors are attracted to this location every year. Special packages too are available for you in an exclusive manner providing you with best results.


Travelling 100 km away from Shimoga district of Karnataka will lead you towards this beautiful hill station in the form of Kodachadri. If you would like to experience sunrises and sunsets in an exclusive manner, then this location is ideal for you providing breathtaking views with ease. Affordable tourist packages are available to you at this location providing a true Indian holiday experience.

Checking out several other holiday destinations in India for experiencing perfect holiday experiences on the hilly side will lead you towards one of the picturesque hill stations for sure. All you need is to make prior bookings after proper planning so that you could enjoy maximum benefits to the core. Online travel experiences of other tourists will work as a quick reference to you in this context.