Mumbai Tourism – You Can Enjoy Delicious Food and Spend Little Money

Mumbai Tourism - You Can Enjoy Delicious Food and Spend Little Money

If you love exploring different cuisines of the world, then Mumbai is the city to be in. Here you would get to explore amazing Italian, Chinese, Thai, Spanish and even Japanese food. Being a cosmopolitan city, Mumbai is home to different people from other parts of India and the world.

Delicious Mumbai

Thus the restaurants in Mumbai serve these different delicious dishes and help these people remember their own home food at home. Most people are of the opinion that food in Mumbai can be expensive but we would give you a name of few places below where you can give yourself a great tummy treat without spending much on your pocket.

Café Excesior

Have you had a hard day and on your way back home you want to eat good traditional Mughlai food to soothe you’re stressed out nerves? Then you should visit Café Excesior at Fort Mumbai. Once you enter this restaurant situated opposite to New Excesior Cinema, the smell of delicious food would make you feel hungry and ravenous. You can start with a Chicken Lollypop, which would cost you around Rs 120/-, followed by Mutton Kolhapuri and Roti, which would cost you another hundred rupees. In fact you can also visit it during breakfast time and enjoy a hearty meal of Alu Paratha and Raita. Regular customers at Café Excesior vouch for its great quality of food which maintains high hygienic standard. This is one of the restaurants in Mumbai that is always full and busy throughout the day.

Lassi te Parronthe

This exotically named restaurant, an integral part of Mumbai tourism offers some great Indian foods to its steady clientele which enjoys it great food all day long. Lassi te Parronthe is situated on Khar Road in Mumbai next to the Subway shop. You can enjoy great parantha that are smothered with extra ghee and are crisply fried when served to you. These parantha come with delicious stuffing made from potato and spinach and other seasonal vegetables. To enjoy delicious yet affordable food, this is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai. After the meal your soul would feel satisfied and you can take on the challenges that are waiting for you that day.

Nice Corner

This is a delicious kebab food stall which is famous for its kebabs. In fact most people would consider the chicken tikka cooked here to be among the best found among many restaurants in Mumbai. Another of their hot selling item is their biriyani. The shop opens at 6 PM in the evening and people from far and near wait to be served their delicious biriyani with side dishes like mutton seekh kabab and chicken tikka rolls. You would in Mumbai find no restaurant that would offer these chicken tikka at hundred rupees only.

If you visit the Mumbai tourism website there would be other restaurants that you can visit which are Goa Bhavan and Yummies, where you should not forget to tuck into their Butter Chicken Biriyani, which is one of its kind. You can also seek the help of any local resident and both can embark on a journey of discovering exotic foods which is great on your pocket.