Best Places to go for a Rave Party in Goa

Best Places to go for a Rave Party in Goa

Whenever somebody says ‘Goa’, goose bumps sprout up all over my body. Beaches, forts, churches, gothic cathedrals, waterfalls, lakes, casinos, cruises, wildlife parks- I mean can it get any better? I often wonder why Goa is not crowned as the king of all destinations (all over the world)!

Every time I get the laptop to myself, I spend half the time just looking for best Goa holiday packages. I have never been to this place, though if things go according to plans (why shouldn’t they), I will be sashaying down its hot beaches by the end of this month itself. But my geography and IQ about Goa can hardly be matched. Yes, I do take pride in saying that nearly all its attractions and activities stay mugged up in my mind.

Attending a rave party is one of the top things to do in Goa. The party involves unrestrained fun, music, boozing and just chilling out. Unfortunately, over the decades, such parties have got embroiled by controversies. There have been cases of drunken brawls and drug consumption. Of course, these ill-activities are practiced by a minor segment of revelers, but the entire tourism industry has to pay the price. So, now government has jumped into action and has posed certain restrictions on such rave parties.

Beach parties after 10 pm have been banned, so as to put an end to the undesirable menace. Plus, the local cops have done their bit to curb the easy availability of drugs. Now, things are better in many ways, though many miss that old wild culture when the hippies with their dreadlocks ruled the beaches.

The best places to enjoy your rave parties are the beaches of northern Goa. Mandrem beach, Ashven beach and Morjim beach can offer some of the best rave parties in the town. Anjuna Beach and Baga Beach are not that bad either, though their popularity and crowdedness work against them.

If you wish to celebrate indoors, you may check out some hot clubs and other night spots. Clandestine rave parties are also organized by some hotels, though they may toe the legal line. So, I won’t formally suggest them to you.

All in all, I wish I could attend a rave party soon. But not being a full-on extrovert, I am not sure if I will be able to enjoy them as much as I want to. Still, I’d keep an eye out and come back with another post.