Best Restaurants to Dine in Goa

Best Restaurants to Dine in Goa

Pep up your holiday with tourism in Goa by having information of some of the best and favorite restaurants in Goa that serve delicious authentic Goan and Oriental cuisine. When your taste buds would be satiated you would enjoy even more the real zest and gusto of tourism in Goa. Enjoy your trip with tourism in Goa that enables you to explore its sunny beaches along with its delicious cuisine. Below listed are some of the best restaurants in Goa that promise to take your taste buds over exhilarating tasteful ride.


If you want to dine amidst Greek inspired ambiance, Thalassa is the perfect choice. It presents an exotic and panoramic view of serene nature that includes lovely oceanic views coupled with authentic Greek cuisine that includes dishes like kleftiko which is a lamb stew cooked with feta cheese; souvlaki kebabs served deliciously with home-baked pitta bread. Since this place usually remains over-booked, it is suggested to book the place well in advance. In nutshell, amongst many other restaurants in Goa, Thalassa is the fantastic amalgamation of superb location, cozy ambience, perfect guest service and lip-smacking food.


Avanti is a home of classic Goan cuisine that is cooked in authentic styled and thus carries a unique taste and flavor. The ambiance is very tranquil and serene that makes the dining a private and an exhilarating event. Some of the favorite dishes at Avanti are – Shark Ambotik curry tempered with kokum flavor, flavoured vindaloos, smoked seafood, xacuti, fresh-water prawns, mullets, rock crabs etc. Those who have been at Avanti and tasted their cuisine, vouch that it offers worth of money spent here.


Those who love to gorge over Burmese cuisine would love to have a bite at Bomra’s. This specialized Burmese food joint has earned some rave reviews for giving a contemporary flavor to authentic Burmese gourmet food. Some of the recommended dishes here are pork-belly pomegranate salad, crisp snapper fish, lemongrass broth, and fish cooked in jaggery sauce.

Palácio do Deão

Have an indulging meal at Palacio de Deao and get to know how exactly the authentic and local Goan cuisine tastes like. Restored as a mansion in Southern Goa, this place now acts as a private palace and remains open to public surrounded with pristine greenery. The unique thing about the traditional food served here is that the ingredients used are always fresh and home-grown. Some of the delicious dishes served here are – pumpkin pie, fresh fish curry, home-baked tarts flavored with palm vinegar, and flourless chocolate cake.

Bean Me Up

Bean Me Up has a lot more to offer apart from its exotic cuisine. This is one of the boutique restaurants in Goa that goes an extra mile to make its guests feel relaxed and pampered. The dishes that are the signature cuisine of this restaurant are tofu dishes, exotic salads, fresh fruit dresses, veggie drinks, and lime pie. Although Goa is known for its seafood, this is one of the few restaurants that serve a plethora of exquisitely prepared vegetarian delights. Rich flavors combined with a dash of innovativeness and creativity is what makes the dishes absolutely irresistible.