Travel Sydney – Explore Australia

Travel Sydney - Explore Australia

Sydney is regarded as a part of the world which is rich in its natural phenomenon and all sorts of entertainment packages. People are fond of visiting Sydney, Australia to view its natural beauty. If you are viewing Australia while flying, it will be wonderful to view the toy sized images of Opera House and Harbor Bridge tilting towards the clear blue water. Places to visit in Sydney includes vibrant art galleries, sparkling harbor, beaches, nightlife and natural beauty.

Sydney Harbor

Sydney harbor is a wonder of Australia which looks like a kangaroo holding a beer in the outback. Harbor Bridge holds traffic between north shore and Sydney central business district. This is not a simple bridge which carries vehicle and people from one part of Sydney to another. Rather, it has a dramatic view which portrays the iconic image of Sydney. Its wonderful structure makes it one of the tourist attractions.

Sydney Opera House

This is one of the oldest buildings constructed in Australia in 20th century. Opera house in Sydney is famous for its arts and culture. It is one of the popular performing art venues of the world that is surrounded by iconic images of Australia. People visiting Sydney must visit Opera house to enjoy the art of Opera.

Bridge Climb

It is a famous tourist attraction in Australia that made tourists to climb easily till the southern half of the spectacular bridge. Throughout the day and even night, many vehicles pass through this climb. Even if storms or high wind passes by, the bridge remains unaffected. But the climbers are provided with protective clothing for precautions.

Watson Bay

It is placed at the end part of south head peninsula which has taken its name from the sheltered bay. Tourists can easily get some of the best views once they visit Watson Bay. It is also known as the residential areas along with some beaches as well as recreational places.

Sydney Tower

The tallest free standing structure in Sydney is known as Sydney tower. It is also stands in the second position in southern hemisphere with regard to its height. You can climb up to the Sydney tower which includes glass flooring platform with the height of 250m above the ground level.

Various explanation and history is associated with the beautiful wonders of the nation. The western part of Australia is also equipped with various inspirational areas. Among the top ten natural wonders we can view the shark bay which is filled by dolphins and stromatolites. Kakadu national park has got a stunning display of wild life. It is amazing to view the salt water crocodiles in this area. This particular area is also having an oldest artwork. A national icon of Australia known as Uluru is also one of the wonders of Australia. The rock present in the region is full of iron content. The iron mental also makes the color of the rock brighter than before. The present color of this rock is dark red. This is also a sacred place to local tribal people of Australia.