Top Places To Visit In Punjab

Top Places To Visit In Punjab

Located in North India, Punjab is famous for its fertile farming land and natural travel locations. It is considered as one of the most prosperous state of India with cultural predominance of Sikh religion. The capital of Punjab is Chandigarh which is known as one of the planned city in India. The city is quite developed with regards to industry, education and real estate.

The living culture of the city is also quite distinctive as compared to other states of the nation. Brotherhood among people with different religion living over here can be viewed clearly. If you plan to travel to India and northern Punjab region, then here below are some tourist spots which are worth to check out.

List of Top places to visit in Punjab


This is a famous place in Punjab found by Guru Ram Das in the year 1577. He was known as the 4th gurus of Sikh religion. This place was soon known as the spiritual destination for the people belonging to Sikh religion. It is also noted as “holy pool of Nectar”.

The Golden temple is the wonderful tourist attraction in Amritsar. Pilgrims from various parts of the world come to Amritsar to see and worship at this sacred temple.

Wagah Border

If you visit Wagah Border just before the sunset, you can view the flag lowering ceremony every day over here. This is a boundary laid between India and Pakistan. If you are from Amritsar and wish to see tourist attraction beside your home town, you can just take a side trip to the wagah border and view this popular ceremony. You will be able to enjoy this ceremony for a period of 45 minutes at a stretch.


If you are planning to visit Punjab, Patiala is such a place which you cannot avoid. This was the place where the Royal Punjab people used to reside decades back. You will be able to know about the history that took place in Malwa region. At Patiala, you can easily view the Moti Bagh Palace that is composed of excellent art gallery. The Patiala peg of Whisky is another source of entertainment in Patiala.

Anandpur Sahib

If you take some time to travel 2 hours from Chandigarh, the village of Anandpur Sahib will be an excellent destination. This is also a wonderful religious place for Sikhs. This city is popularly known as the “holy city of bliss”. You can easily view many historic Gurudwaras over here. Baisakhi is the best time to visit this place as you can be part of the carnival.

These famous places are known by tourist guides as well as our experienced travel users from our party travel community. More travel destinations are ready to be shown in our next tour article.